Our Mission

To love and honor Yahweh and Yahshua, His Son; to study and teach His Torah; to make disciples; to love and guide His people; and to follow Yahweh wherever He may lead.

Our Local Congregation

  • Which bible translation does your congregation use?
    Since we do not have rules about what translations should be used, each member is left to what they prefer. Some use King James, New King James, NIV, etc., but we have purchased “The Scriptures” in the past for some of our congregation who wished to use it. The Scriptures is published by Institute for Scripture Research. Like all translations, there are flaws and we study knowing this to be true no matter what version we use.
  • Is your congregation associated with the House of Yahweh?
    Our congregation is completely independent and has no direct links to other congregations. We do associate with other congregations listed on our Links list under “Fellow Congregations”.

Our Website

  • Why have I not received the material I requested from your audio/video request pages?
    There are several possibilities.

    1. Incorrect Address information (either when you initially requested the material or you’ve moved without informing us or leaving a forwarding address)
    2. Invalid email address (if we cannot verify a working email address, we do not send material)
    3. The material returned to us due to being refused or import duties not paid.
    4. Possible Scam (we’ve had to remove names from our list when it was discovered that the audio/video tapes were only being requested so that they could be erased and reused).
    5. Failure to return renewal card (Current Federal law requires that all free material sent by non-profit organizations must have proof of the request from the person receiving it and it must be updated annually. If you fail to return the renewal card we send, you will be removed from our list)

    We apologize if we somehow missed your request or lost it. If you did receive an email letting you know your request was received and validating your address information, please reply to that email and inform us that your material was not received.

  • Will you link to my website?
    Not likely. Unless your website is in complete agreement with our own beliefs and we feel your website is useful enough to our other visitors, we will refuse to link to the requested site.

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