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07/24/11 Link: … IS YAHSHUA THE PASSOVER LAMB?…Full Article-click here

Have you ever heard your Savior referred to as the Passover lamb? Yet, there are assemblies that teach that very seriously. They have built doctrines – and even religions – around that idea. Do other Scriptures truly support their doctrines?
07/18/10 Link: …FRINGES – TASSELS – PHYLACTERIES – TEPHILLIN…Full Article-click here

What do people mean when they refer to fringes and/or tassels? What do the Scriptures say about them? What is their purpose? Another word used today is “tallit”. Does it appear in the Scriptures? What does Yahweh expect of us today?
07/18/10 Link: …HAIR-BEARD-HEADCOVERING-KIPPAH-YARMULKE…Full Article-click here

Questions have arisen from time to time about the proper length of men’s hair and whether or not it is necessary for them to maintain a beard. Can a man have long hair? What about shaving the head? If Yahweh expects a beard, can it be trimmed? Or is it to grow without cutting? What about the long side curls seen on some Orthodox Jews? Are those from Scripture?
Posted 06/22/10 Link: …DOES YAHWEH EXPECT US TO KEEP KOSHER?…Full Article-click here

A few years ago, a group of ladies had a study at the Feast of Tabernacles about clean and unclean foods. They had come across a listing of foods and food products, divided into categories, with notations as to whether the items were clean or unclean, based on Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14:3-21. In many cases, the listing named what the added unclean ingredient was. By the end, it was suggested that if an item was labeled “kosher,” then buyers could be assured that those items were clean.
Posted 05/31/10 Link: …PENTECOST – FEAST OF WEEKS…Full Article-click here

Pentecost, as it is called in the New Testament, has several different names, among them Shavuot and Feast of Weeks. Why does this day have several names? Should we be observing it today? If so, how?
Posted 04/02/10 Link: …IS DANCE COMMANDED IN THE ASSEMBLY?…Full Article-click here

Over the last few years, there have been numerous questions regarding dance within the assembly. Some feel that the “sacred dance” or “Davidic dance” should be a part of our worship. Comments are made on how wonderful it is to be free to express themselves to Yahweh in a dance. Hours can be spent in teaching and learning the dances. Often there is more time spent there than in the actual worship of Yahweh; of studying His word; in dialogue discussing His Word and learning what He expects of us.
Posted 04/02/10 Link: …SANCTITY OF THE SABBATH…Full Article-click here

Yahweh’s Sabbath has been observed for thousands of years. His Sabbath is observed on the seventh day of the week, not on the first day. (For an explanation of why it is the seventh day of the week and not Sunday as Christianity teaches, please see our article titled “Yahweh’s Sabbath.”)
Posted 04/02/10 Link: …PURIM – Biblical or Secular Holiday?…Full Article-click here

It has been observed that many Sabbatarian congregations and Sacred Names assemblies have been able to discern the pagan origins of Christian holy days. But there appears to be blindness when it comes to purely Jewish/Judaic holy days and festivals. Referring, in other words, those days which are considered holy or required by Jewish or Judaic custom and not found among the commandments of Yahweh. One of these is Purim, so let’s take a look at it and then see what Yahweh has to say.
Posted 04/02/10 Link: …REPENTANCE AND IMMERSION BAPTISM…Full Article-click here

When people start attending church and seeking their Creator, one of the first things they wonder about is baptism. It is a rite of most churches and expected of all members. But what is it? Why is it done? What is the purpose? What does it mean? Are there requirements to be met first? Are there precedents of it in the Old Testament?
Posted 04/02/10 Link: …SEDER – BIBLICAL or SECULAR ORIGINS?…Full Article-click here

Most people who hear the word “Passover” know where it came from – from Exodus 12 when Yahweh was preparing for Moses to lead His people out of the land of Egypt. They have heard the story of Moses and the children of Israel.

Many of those same people assume that Judaism’s Passover/Seder of today is the same thing that was given in Scripture. But is that true?
Posted 04/02/10 Link: …PASSOVER ~OLD COVENANT – NEW COVENANT~…Full Article-click here

Have you ever noticed that different groups observe the Passover at different times? Sometimes a month or so apart? And they don’t necessarily do it at the same time as the Jews. Other churches observe what they call the Lord’s Supper as often as monthly. How do you know when the right time is? Is it observed with unleavened bread and wine? Or crackers and grape juice? Or with a Seder meal? What about the Night to be Much Observed? Is that a separate celebration? A different evening? How does it fit into the scheme of things? So, who is right? They can’t all be. We will look at some of these points, but by no means will all questions be answered.
Posted 04/02/10 Link: …EASTER – A RELIGIOUS COUNTERFEIT!…Full Article-click here

Each spring millions of people worldwide buy their new clothes and Easter bonnets, decorate eggs for the children to hunt, and attend Easter sunrise services. They believe they are worshipping the resurrection of their Messiah. Some even look at it as a melding of the resurrection with the Jewish Passover. Is this the truth? Is any of it true? Or are some of these items a counterfeit for the truth?
Posted 01/14/10 Link: …MARDI GRAS – LENT – ASH WEDNESDAY – PALM SUNDAY – HOLY WEEK…Full Article-click here

Everyone seems to love a party – a chance to have a good time and be a part of an event. Otherwise, why would such big crowds make annual visits to Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Rio de Janiero, two locations famous for big carnivals and gatherings. Those are big, crowded, noisy parties with food, drink, costumes and parades. Sounds like lots of fun, doesn’t it? But exactly what is it? Why don’t all people celebrate like this? Is it something we, as Yahweh’s people, should be doing? Is this supposed to be a fun time? Or is there a more serious background behind these ideas and customs?……
Posted 01/14/10 link: …IS SATAN ATTACKING YOU?…Full Article-click here

“Boy, Satan is really out to get me!”Have you ever heard anyone make that statement? Or maybe “The devil really has it in for me!”Sometimes that is the belief when life events go badly – people attribute all their troubles to Satan. But when things go well, then Yahweh is blessing them. Are those two contrasts really a fact? Can all events be due to either Satan or Yahweh? Or is there more to it than that?
Posted 01/14/10 Link: …VALENTINES…Full Article-click here
As with many of the holidays, the interest and observance have grown each year and are becoming more and more important in the lives of people. As a child, I exchanged valentines with my classmates and we had a small party with cookies, candy and punch. That was it. It was not commercialized as it is today. But now the adults are involved as well. Many a man has gotten in trouble with his sweetheart because he forgot. She always expects roses or candy or a nice gift – as proof of his love. Sounds rather self-centered and selfish, doesn’t it?
2013-22 Calendar Card2013-22 Holy Day Calendar Card-click here

…February 2, 2015 INFO – The Calendar Study by Jim Ingle is now available on the Booklets Page – Full Article-click here
Posted 06/04/09 Link : …WHICH BIBLICAL FESTIVAL CALENDAR DO YOU CHOOSE TO FOLLOW?…Full Article-click here

Many have come through churches which insisted on, and continue to use, the Hebrew (or Jewish) calendar, and will consider nothing else. Before forging ahead, let’s take a little time to look at the Hillel II Jewish Calendar and see if that is the one we wish to pursue. How well does it meet with Scriptures? After all, Scripture is the basis of what we are doing.
Posted 06/04/09 Link : …WHERE ON EARTH IS THE PLACE OF SAFETY?…Full Article-click here

In the 1960’s there was a church organization that taught about a place of safety where its believers would be hidden. It was said that the church would flee there to be protected from the events bringing about the end of the world, especially as described in the book of Revelation. Once that was all over, the place of safety would be left behind. The church would emerge to help lead the survivors in rebuilding and teaching the way of truth.
Posted 04/17/09 Link: …TRADITIONS OF THE ELDERS…Full Article-click here
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Too many today come into Yahweh’s congregation, but are not totally satisfied. They begin to look for something more because they feel something is missing and that the congregation is not doing enough. After a while, some begin to take a look at Judaism for the way to worship Yahweh. After all, doesn’t Judaism teach the law? The truth? Judaism claims the law was given to them; they have passed it down through generations and continue as the “Chosen People.” People often turn there because they like the rituals and the “feeling” they get as they work through those customs and traditions.

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